BETSY KUBIAK  | Farm Owner


Early in my life, I had minimal exposure to horses, but always a great fascination with them. My dad and Uncle Ray always had horses, but I was scared to death of them. I would hear about my cousin riding and what fun she was having, but I was always afraid. It wasn't until later in life when my 21-year-old stepdaughter went on a riding excursion during one of our family vacations, that the desire to conquer this fear returned to me. At that time a friend of mine and I answered a local newspaper ad and very slowly got re-introduced to these fabulous animals.

Like any big endeavor, one day 'I would say I can do this', and the next I'd be thoroughly humbled by how much I had to learn. Fortunately, the desire to learn over-shadowed my fear and I made the decision to dive all in. My husband, Tom and I have always done things in a well-thought-out manner, and in this case starting with the proper foundation was of great importance to me. We had just finished building our new home and it was time to begin the building process again. The design and re-design of the facility was a learning process that was developed strictly with the horses’ comfort and the future growth of the farm in mind.

I love being in the barn every day. What the horses give back to me on a constant basis helps me to clarify my goals - goals that I had formerly been afraid to achieve. I now look forward to riding, learning and challenging myself to achieve every day and am inspired by the life the Arabian horse offers me.

The first time I rode and competed on a young horse that I had bred was exhilarating to say the least. I never dreamed riding such a young horse would be something I'd accomplish in my adult life. The opportunities now offered to me in the ability to ride Saddlebreds, Arabians, and Half Arabians in multiple disciplines has expanded my confidence and desire to learn more beyond my wildest dreams. I am truly grateful and humbled by the professionals that have shared their knowledge and passion with me.


As for the future of Sugar Hill Farm, with the thoughtful care and grooming of each individual tree, the forest will continue to grow. The understanding of the constant need for flexibility and evolution in the Arabian horse community allows us to look forward to a bright future in both the breeding barn and show ring.  ~ Betsy Kubiak