Royal Nobility | 2019 Ohio Buckeye

Mitch has made the coveted victory pass at every level of competition all over the country. He's carried a judges card since the mid eighties and is known for his professionalism, fairness and horsemanship as both a judge and competitor.  ​ Of all his accomplishments, that which matters most is the respect of his peers in the industry with which he has made his living. By his peers, Mitch was chosen to receive the Arabian industries highest honor, that of Horsemen of the year. 

"Mitch Sperte is a man of consequence, a man who will be known and remembered."  Jo West Lauter 

"Mitch Sperte is talented, dedicated and diligent. He is an excellent horseman, both trainer and judge, with a truly unique sense of fairness. Mitch takes seriously his

responsibility to actively participate in the horse community. His ability to articulate and his desire to improve conditions for horses and Horseman is a great asset to everyone involved in our industry." Gene LaCroix

"Mitch exemplifies professionalism in every way. He has set his own standard in terms of his presentation of the Arabian horse in all facets of our breed. I admire his consistent level of dedication and extraordinary friendship." Brian Murch

"His conscious commitment to the profession has allowed Mitch to uniquely integrate the art form with the science of the sport. I don’t know anyone who takes the industry more seriously, which leaves him vulnerable to ridicule for alphabetizing his tack room, but most certainly makes him undeniable in the show ring when properly mounted." Kathy Knill Meyer

From his early years working with American Saddlebred's to his current work with Arabians, Mitch has held a strong believe in giving back to the horse community. Following this mission, he served three terms on the board of the Arabian Professional Horsemen's Association (APAHA), an organization he helped to establish.

Mitch was also the guiding force in introducing the Junior Horse Division at the Arabian National shows. Mitch served as a key member on the original Hoof Study Committee and was a proponent for revising shoeing standards to ensure proper support and balance for the competitive show horse. In addition Mitch has served on USEF Drugs and Medication Committee.


In April of 2018, Betsy Kubiak welcomed Mitch to the dedicated team at Sugar Hill as the head trainer. Mitch has worked closely with the staff since his arrival to form a team that he and Betsy are beyond proud of. Mitch is grateful for Betsy's commitment to breeding quality Arabian and half Arabian show horses with great minds and natural talent. Betsy emphasizes quality rather than quantity at Sugar Hill. This emphasis serves Mitch well in his efforts to maintain a reputation for running a highly organized operation, in his characteristic style of fanatical attention to detail.


Though he has celebrated great success throughout his career, Mitch considers his family and friends to be his greatest blessing in life and cherishes his two children, Lesta and Dylan.

Mitch Sperte and Expressamo.
Mitch Sperte