2020 United States Nationals

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Twenty twenty has been challenging at best for the Arabian horse community and the world that surrounds it, but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of too many to name and the commitment of owners, trainers and exceptional staff members, the show will go on!

The show was a tremendous success not only for Sugar Hill, but for the entire Arabian community. The class sizes exhibited record highs in many divisions, but more important, the quality of competition was outstanding. A Top Ten award this year was a BIG DEAL! It reminded many of us of the 'glory days' in the show arena.

Sugar Hill proudly presented the following horses:

In addition to the horses presented by Team Sugar Hill, a #bredbySugarHill superstar was awarded National Champion. There is no greater honor for a breeder then to watch a horse they bred, raised and sold to the perfect show home go NATIONAL CHAMPION! #WhatItsAllAbout. Owned and loved by Jaime Stelzer-Fisher - Trained by Dalton Budd of Select Show Horses - SHF Managed Assets (Nirvanas Nutcracker x Misstafirebey) Click here to view a short promo video of her 2020 US National Win


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