Back in the Ring Post Covid19

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

In times of profound unease and distress, the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has forced us all to adjust to a new, hopefully temporary, normal. We are living and experiencing a major historical moment, one that will have a lasting impact in our community, our country and our world. We have witnessed the innate good in humanity, through people helping each other during this hard time and making personal sacrifices for the greater good.

We, at Sugar Hill, believe that where we end up, as a community, depends on what we do, or do not do, together. We are grateful to the time spent, the planning and the sacrifices made by USEF, AHA and show staff and volunteers that allowed for the Region XIV Championship Show to take place when so many other venues and sports activities have not been able to.

Mitch, Caitlyn, Riyan and Betsy traveled to the Kentucky Horse Park with the Strawberry Banks team for 10 days of much needed camaraderie. Entries were in excess of 550 horses accompanied by old friends suffering from weeks of quarantine'itis. We were equally excited to be at a show, in public and back to some form of normalcy. We weren't excited about having to wear masks or practice the required social distancing, but with a little practice and a few strong reminders, we were able to enjoy a fantastic show!

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