H Barbary Reigns H

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

2015 Arabian Mare

Aregal Heir TRGR x Bint Barbary (by Barbary+++)

This beautiful bay mare with her deep bay color, large liquid eyes, perfect white star and four little white stockings reflect the old world style of some of the greatest English horses of our time. Barbary+++, Huckleberry Bey, Eter and Halany Mistanny are a few of the home-run hitters in her blood.

Reigns has recently been moved to the breeding barn to begin her career as what we hope to be a world class producer. Her first foal will be sired by our very own Royal Nobility and will arrive in 2022.

Barbary+++ and Don Delongpre (left) | Huckleberry Bey and Mitch Sperte 1982 (right)

US Nationals Video - October 2020

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