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2009 Arabian Mare

Afire Bey V x EE Miss Barbary (by Barbary +++)

Reference Photo of SHF Managed Assets, sired by Nutcracker's Nirvana

Misstafirebey (aka Missti) delivered a star in her first foal, 2013 Half Arabian mare, SHF Managed Assets. Managed Assets was purchased by Jaime Stelzer in 2018 through her trainer, Dalton Budd to begin her career as an Amateur Country English horse.

Missti has since produced the 2014 Arabian mare SHF Marchesa, sired by A Temptation.

Missti's 2018 and 2020 Arabian fillies are on the Up and Coming list; SHF Matildabey, by The Renaissance and SHF Margeaux, by VJ Royal Heir. We have high hopes for both of them.

Missti is being bred to our beautiful, Royal Nobility for a 2022 foal.

To date, Missti has delivered 5 wonderful foals for Sugar Hill:

SugarHill Margin Call - 2021 Filly

Misstafire Bey Pedigree | Click to view larger print

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